Sex Dating: Pros And Cons Of Casual Hookups

Ups And Downs Of Sex Dating And Casual Hookups

Are you thinking about starting up a friends with benefits relationship in NZ? If so, you might be interested in the advantages and disadvantages of sex dating from hookup to breakup.

There are certainly some great things about being in this type of casual relationship but there are also some considerations that you should be aware of before you find a fuck buddy for regular hookups.

Checkout these casual dating rules to see if hooking up is right for you…

Pro – It is Convenient

One of the best things about adult dating is that it is convenient. You don’t have to spend a lot of time or effort looking for a sex buddy when you have a FWB just a phone call away.

You also will find that there is no planning involved, very little, if any, drama and you aren’t tied down by commitment.

Con – Someone Will Get Hurt

One of the big cons of being sex buddies and hooking up regularly is that someone is bound to get hurt. Because you already have some type of friendship as a base to this relationship, there is some type of emotion here.

A casual sex arrangement is usually not one that is long term so you need to expect, at some point, one of you are going to find a committed, long term relationship and that can hurt the other partner.

Pro – Adult Dating is Natural

When looking at the fuck buddy advantages and disadvantages, you can easily see that one of the advantages of this type of relationship is that it is very natural.

If you have known each other for awhile and get along in every other aspect of your relationship, it can be very natural to slip between the sheets.

Con – Being Fuck Buddies Can End Your Friendship

Typically what happens in a casual dating relationship is this: you start sleeping together, everything is great, one of you will meet a romantic partner, you stop sleeping with your casual encounter buddy, it gets a little awkward and eventually, you get back to a friendly place.

However, this isn’t always the case and you need to think about that possibility before getting into a relationship like this.

Pro – Hookups Can Help Build Confidence

You will also find that it can help to build confidence to have one or more fuck buddies. You probably are fairly comfortable with each other and that will help you to gain confidence in the bedroom.

You will find that this confidence will carry over into other areas of your life as well.

Con – A Sex Buddy Can Limit You

When you choose to start a fuck buddy relationship with someone you know, it can actually limit you in your romantic life.

Many times, people will get into this type of relationship as a way to get their physical and emotional needs met, but it isn’t like a long term boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

Though some may turn into that, in most cases, a sex hookup is just a stop on the way. Don’t let this relationship keep you from seeing other people.

Pro – Casual Sex Dating Can Be Amazing

Finally, you will find that a hookup buddy is the perfect relationship and a situation that you have been seeking all along.

Because you probably have a strong friendship with your FWB, you might find that you are very compatible in the bedroom too.

If this is the case, it might be well worth it to explore where this relationship will lead.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that people found the person they are supposed to be with in the future.